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Please let us help you make your gift special! Our Flowers are shipped direct from our farm. We deliver Hawaiian Protea flowers, shipping is included in the price, from Maui. Our beautiful, exotic long lasting Protea and tropical flowers are picked and shipped from our farm.

The Kula Farm is the oldest Protea farm on Maui and we have the best prices! All of our beautiful and exotic Hawaiian Protea flowers are shipped to you or your recipient straight from the farm on the day they are picked so they will be as fresh and long lasting as possible. You may take a moment and look around at our tropical flowers or pick the type of flower bouquet you are interested in and see what is available. We offer Hawaiian flowers of many different varieties ranging from the unique Protea (king, queen, dutchess, pincushion, banksia) to the beautiful Cymbidium orchids. And the best part is, with proper care, all of the varieties of fresh cut flowers we offer can enhance and brighten up your house or office for weeks (the Proteas will even dry out wonderfully and may be kept as dry flowers after).

Flowers are shipped via Priority Fed Ex, so they arrive overnight to the west coast, but all shipments going beyond Nevada on Fed Ex take two business days from Hawaii, even though they go Priority!


They are Great flowers!

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Kula Farm Flower Care Guide

General Plant Information The plant known as "protea" was named after a Greek God, Proteus, who had the ability to change his physical appearance by his own volition. Protea have multiple shapes, colors, textures and sizes, in fact there are over 1,400 varieties, and like their namesake, can look different from time to time. Variety aside, protea have an impressive keeping ability that helps make them as popular as they've become. There are a few easy steps you can take to insure you'll be getting the most out of your protea:

 Upon delivery, unpack them immediately.

 When you put the plants in water, be absolutely certain their leaves do not come in contact with it. Remove any leaves that look like that they may become immersed.

 Trim ½ inch of the stems, be certain to treat the plant delicately while doing so.

 Protea thrive on a generous amount of water, so be certain to change it frequently with fresh, clean water. Add a floral preservative or simple dextrose if you wish, I personally have not seen a difference in my tests with and without a preservative.

 If you happen to notice any leaves change colors, don't be alarmed. This is the nature of the plant and in no way takes away from the quality or beauty of the flower.

 If you feel the need to enhance the visibility of the flower, you can remove leaves as soon as you notice any change in color. Some varieties have leaves that brown very quickly, especially the Duchess varieties, but the flower stays very colorful for a long time.

To dry your protea, some people like to hang the stems upside down in a dark area. However, you may also let them dry in your display outside of water if you so choose as they start to go brown on their own.

 Avoid direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Keeping it "cool" will prolong the life of the flower.


Kula Farm Wreath Care Information

Protea have multiple shapes, colors, textures and sizes (there are over 1,400 varieties) this protean aspect resulted in them being named after the Greek God Proteus, who also had many different forms. You shall find your wreath is made of a variety of proteas and some pine. Enhancing this kaleidoscopic physical beauty is proteas keeping ability. Proteas last a very long time in their colorful condition then most dry to gorgeous shades of brown and gold. We have used plants and flowers that last and then dry well in your wreath. There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your protea wreath:

Upon receiving your wreath unpack it (I gather you are doing that now).

When you hang your wreath it is best to keep it away from air conditioning or heating vents, for both units tend to dehumidify the air and cause your wreath to dry more quickly than normal. I have seen some go dry in as few as three days next to an air conditioning vent here on Maui.

Wreaths do equally well outside and inside. I have seen them last weeks to months on a gate or door in the snow in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have also seen them last weeks inside, however, when dehumidifiers are running wreaths may dry out quickly to their beautiful dry state.

You do not need to water your wreath.

As time goes on you will see your flowers dry and turn shades of gold and brown. I have some wreaths from ten years ago still hanging, they do make beautiful dried wreaths when they are done changing.

Avoid direct sunlight inside, and extreme temperatures. Keeping them "cool" and away from heating or cooling vents will prolong the life of the flowers. I hope you find your wreath to be fun as well as beautiful.